Overcoming Trauma

    There was a day in my life that I never thought that I would be anything more than a decent person, good mom and good wife/significant other. I had a lot going on both physically and mentally. But for the most part I always tried to stay optimistic and positive. My favorite saying since I was a teen has been, “Everything Happens for a Reason”. And I know what some of you are thinking, that obviously I have never experienced loss or a major event in my life. Well, my friend, you would be very wrong.


    I am here today helping thousands of women that are going through some pretty horrific stuff. The reason that I can help so many is because I can totally and completely relate. I've been there. I've been down in that hole before and I climbed my way out. And now I am back down there to help you out of that same hole. It doesn't matter if it is a huge life event or an argument that you had with your child. If it is holding you back for any reason, let me help you. I've been there.


    Did you know that our past traumas can, and most likely will, show up again in a different form? That's right. We have the obvious, depression or PTSD. But we can physically start breaking down as well. Pretty much any chronic illness could be directly related to your past. I know how crazy this sounds, but it is SO true. The good thing about this is that the "incurable" illness(es) that you have could start reversing itself. Your doctors don't tell you that though, do they?


    It is amazing what our bodies and

mind can overcome when it is the right time. The method is just part of it, you need to be ready. This is key. YOU need to be ready for change. And trust me, it is easier to say that you are ready than it is to actually put the work in.