Disassociation - ‘The process of psychologically separating oneself from oneself’  
When a person is associated with themselves in an internal representation, their perspective  comes from within the representation, and in turn, they have access to the feelings in that  experience. When a person is dissociated from themselves (outside of the experience), it is  easier for the person to become objective from their experience, and in turn, the feelings they  have will seem far less intense. 
When a person is fully immersed in a destructive state (e.g. stress, panic), it’s because of  where they’re directing their focus in their mind. The Disassociation technique has been  designed to help direct their focus away from what they’re currently focusing on and onto  something else. This technique doesn’t bring about any long-term change, but it’s more of a  self-regulation technique that we can use ourselves or with others to help them consider a  fresh perspective.

The Disassociation Technique