Life planning is about creating a vision of your ideal future and defining the steps you need to take that will get you there. It’s a process that aligns your short-term decisions with your long-term goals & answers the 3 big questions:


• Where am I in life today?
• Where do I want to be in the future?
• What must I focus on today to get to where I want to be in the future?


At the end of this Section, you will understand: 


  • What Life Planning is all about. 
  • Why Life Planning is critical to the success of your future. 
  • Why many people fail at Life Planning. 
  •  Why you might not have achieved all of the goals that you’ve set for yourself to date. 


This Section mainly focuses on understanding what Life Planning is, what it involves, and why it's a crucial exercise that we should all complete (at least once in life).

Life Planning Workbook