The Crazy Coach Lady?

Okay so, ya, I may be a bit out there sometimes. So what. I love to have fun and act a little silly once in a while. Is that a bad thing?

What i do is make people completely comfortable with me and maybe even have some laughs. Trauma or no trauma, laughter is the best medicine.

There is a difference between being the crazy coach lady that is loved and respected by each and every satisfied client and being a stuffy, uptight coach that stuffy and uptight clients love. We have fun and are statistically more successful than most.

In other words, I just may change my name to The Crazy Coach Lady!

I have a ton of coach friends that are excellent and all have positive energy with a sense of humor. And there are a couple with not so much of any of it. It doesn't matter. There is someone out there for everyone and that is exactly as it should be!

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