Sharing is Healing

Our Stories


As most of you know, I have come along way in my life but it was a bit more than a bumpy road. Some parts of my past were like walking through hell on burning hot coals barefoot while keeping a smile on my face and a normal appearance to others. Oh wait, I was also carrying like a ton of crap in the process. I spent my life keeping it all to myself in fear that people would look at me differently or worse, look down at me. Do you know what all of t

hat internalization does to a human body? I do. It’s not pretty. Doing this actually caused a lot more damage than my original traumas did. I was in such a bad place both mentally and physically. I remember sitting down with the kids (adult kids) and letting them know my wishes for what was to come within that year or so. But I still didn’t truly understand why. There was an event that hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a complete AHA moment. That moment turned into mad research that led me to some amazing people that taught me a thing or two about sharing and healing. My whole perspective changed almost overnight and now I am healthy and spend my time helping others to share their stories, no matter what it is. The community that we are building is a safe, peaceful place to open up and/or just listen. As we build we will have guests on our podcasts and volunteers to share their stories in our books. Incentives for participation and retreats of healing for all. So come, share your story and share our community so we can help people live a better life.