Am I A Blogger? Ah, NO!

Sorry guys, I hate to be the one to break it to you but I am not a real blogger anymore. I have had a couple thriving ones in the past but that was before. You all can see that I am not techy or witty, well, I think I am hilarious but I'm not an "on the spot" commenter. I just don't think my brain processes that quickly anymore.

But, anyway, I have been sitting here this morning contemplating something. I am a coach, practitioner, therapist, counselor and whatever else and I love them all. It really gives me a wide range of subjects to help everyone with. Pretty much anything really, but do you want to know what else I am really passionate about? This is going to sound bizarre but, customer service. I think anyone, I mean ANYONE that works with the public should know the basics of good customer service. It doesn't even need to be great, but at least show respect and act like your trying. Do you agree? Is it just me? I think I will create a course on it or something.

One of my children work in the restaurant industry and it pains me to no end when I walk in to one of their establishments and get a blah waitress. It truly hurts me. I mean I am still very nice and polite and I always tip well as long as they try to at least throw a smile at the end right before they bring the check. Have you ever noticed that? Your server could be preoccupied all night long right up until she comes up to your table to see if your ready for the bill. All smiles and flirty for about two and a half seconds, I swear.

But like I said, I don't get upset, it makes me want to get up and teach them. Like, do they know how much more money they could earn from us if they actually tried? Seriously. So I really am considering setting up a training for this. I think I would offer it for free in every restaurant in my surrounding area. lol

Ok, I am all done with this subject today. I know it was off topic but it is where my heart went so I shared. Also, in this post I referred to the female wait staff and I know males hold the same positions, but honestly the males seem to try harder for some reason.

Have a great day.

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