Parenting A Child That Requires Frequent Medical Attention And Not Feeling So Fabulous?

I Had Visions For Our Lives! Wait, What Were They?

  • Have you been in and out of hospitals?

  • Nurses in and out of your home?

  • Not enough time for the other kids?

  • No ME Time?

  • Depressed?

  • Chronically ill yourself?

  • You would give anything to relieve their pain?

  • Have you used all of your vacation time on everything opposite of a vacation?

  • Bill collectors calling daily?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, keep reading.

Angela Marie has been in your shoes. She knows what it is like to be so exhausted that you can't think straight. You just fall asleep and your unwell child starts crying. You know its time to go back to the hospital. Another 6 to 8 hours in the emergency room waiting to be roomed, blood drawn, IV's or scans. Most nurses are great but each and every ER doc thinks they can re-diagnose your child. Everyone wants to be a hero and you and your child pay the price. Finally get to a room and think you can sleep, but then the process starts all over again. If this only happened twice a lifetime or even a year, we all could handle it a little better, but every other week or month is enough to drive you crazy. Literally.

There are so many more twists that happen along with the above that "regular" families can't even fathom. These stories will be shared one at a time for all to relate to, cry with or laugh with sometimes. Laughter is the best medicine after all.


 Being empathetic and intuitive are two, out of many, attributes that make her so amazing. No matter if you are a paying client or not, she will go above and beyond to make sure you are positively impacted by her and her services. Being a Hypnotherapy Service Provider is an amazing bonus!